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Joe started performing at the very young age of thirteen. With his Brother Robert Stoddard and two friends (Richard Hernandez and Raymond Almonza) he formed his first "Garage Band", The Nite Walkers in Bell Gardens California. They were joined later by another musician, Terry Williams. As teenagers, they performed at high school dances, business openings, private parties, resorts and teenage nightclubs in Hollywood. The band played together from 1964 through 1967. They recorded two records containing four songs written by the band. Terry left the music business to pursue a successful career in the computer industry, returning to music later in life. He is currently performing part time in Southern California.  Joe and his brother Robert continued playing music while Richard and Raymond pursued other paths. 

Joe Stoddard The Nite Walkers

See more about The Nite Walkers at;

The Nite Walkers

Dead End Jobs

Disillusioned by the breakup of the Nite Walkers, Joe took a four year hiatus from the music business. He worked various factory jobs ie: Metal Fabrication, Iron and Steel Fabrication, a well as various other manufacturing jobs, including building tires for Uniroyal Tires. His quote " If they didn't fire me after about two months, I would quit". He talks about how the "Old Timers" in some of these factories gave him the advice: "Don't get stuck here like we did". This sage advice was taken to heart and inspired Joe to first create a startup business, importing fish from Mexico to Los Angeles. In his words,

"There are many stories and adventures to be told about the that experience".


After a year of running around Mexico, he used the milk truck that once hauled fish to be used as it's original purpose, when he went work as a milkman in Los Angeles before, once again getting back into music. After reexamining and practicing his guitar playing, he was able to regain enough musical ability that he was asked to join a number of bands. However, he was eventually let go from each band for "not fitting in to their vision". 

Joe's Milk Juice.jpg

Once again joining forces with his brother Robert, Joe formed a band they dubbed "Just Brothers" with two step brothers (by marriage), where they performed Disco, Funk, and Rock and Roll in clubs from L.A. to Santa Barbara, California.


Still operating his milkman business while performing with the Brothers, Joe would play music in night clubs from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am and then deliver milk starting at 4:00 am. After falling asleep during rehearsal one day, it was obvious that one of these businesses had to go. Joe sold his milk truck business and purchased new musical equipment.

Just Brothers played together for a couple of years before once again, it was determined that Joe did not fit into the band's vision.

Do we see a theme here?

Just Brothers

While performing in Riverside Calif. with the Just Brothers Band, Joe met his future wife Nancy and moved to Riverside to be closer to his love. There, he took a job in a music store just long enough to talk two of his coworkers into having him to join the duo that they were currently forming. This trio, Longshore, Stoddard and Cole played acoustic Pop/Rock from 1978 -1980. 

Longshore Stoddard and Cole


In 1980 Joe and Nancy decided to make a move from Riverside, CA to Salem, OR. Joe approached his bandmates and let them know that he would be relocating and invited them both to come along. Tom Cole chose to join Joe but Larry opted to stay in California. Stoddard and Cole were a huge hit in Oregon and became one of the most popular acts in the Northwest. The dynamic duo was discovered and managed by a local entertainment agency (EJD) who was able to get them many high profile engagement opportunities that catapulted the duo to an even more popularity. Stoddard and Cole performed together until 1984, when Tom moved to Philadelphia to work in his father-in-law's business.

Joe searched for another partner to fill Tom's position and was ultimately able to convince Larry Longshore to make the move from Riverside,CA to Salem,OR and rejoin the act and carry on the "straight-man/funny-man" show that had become so popular. Larry and Joe performed together until 1988, when Joe decided to go it alone and perform as a solo artist. It took an entire year for him to muster the courage but once he was on stage by himself, it immediately became obvious that he had made the right choice to perform on his own in his high energy, music and comedy stage show.


Stoddard and Longshore

Joe has been performing as a solo artist since 1988, though he has had various combinations of musicians join him throughout the years. He worked periodically with a four piece back-up band that included, Kevin Hansen on drums, Jesse Ruggles on guitar and Tim Knoyle on bass. One of his favorite bands was a trio with his wife Nancy and fiddle player, Eddie Parente. Joe currently plays predominantly as a solo artist and occasionally in a duo with Kevin Hansen on drums.

Joe Band 2.jpg

Joe Stoddard Four Piece Band

Joe and Nancy Stoddard

Stoddard and Hansen

In addition to Joe's High Energy Music and Comedy Stage Show, he also performs at State and County Fairs, using Ventriloquism with his "Talking Animals". In this show he dons a costume that makes him appear to be riding on the back of either his horse, Daisy, or his cow, Hessie Lou. Both animals speak via ventriloquism to amaze and entertain adults and children alike.

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