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The Music and Comedy


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Joe Stoddard is a seasoned performer and a very funny comic musician who has been delighting audiences with his unique blend of music and comedy for over two decades.


His stage show is a high-energy, multi-faceted performance that includes stand-up comedy, spot-on satirical impersonations, audience interaction and truly impressive musical ability.



With a razor-sharp wit and incredible vocal range, Joe sings and performs a huge variety of music, from classic rock to country to pop and best of all, comedy, comedy, comedy! 


But what really sets Joe apart is his audience interaction. He has a way of connecting with his audience that is truly remarkable.

 Joe performs internationally, and has worked with many big name artists, including The Beach Boys, Ricky Nelson, Keith Urban, Rich Little and more.


His music and comedy stage show is a must-see for anyone looking for a laugh-out-loud, fun and entertaining experience.


With his stand-up comedy, impersonations, impressive musical ability, amazing voice, razor-sharp wit, and audience interaction, Joe Stoddard is the complete package.

Music soothes the soul while laughter heals the heart

Joe Stoddard opening act for big named artists.

Joe Stoddard

the Comic Musician

Joe Stoddard performs a high energy music and comedy show for all ages. Comic Musician .jpg
Joe Stoddard impersonations
Joe Stoddard on stage at the Oregon State Fair




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Stand-up Comedy

High Energy Entertainment


Audience Interaction

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Joe Stoddard Bio and discription of his show

Most entertainers write these corny biographies themselves.

They search desperately back in time, exaggerating their accomplishments in an effort to convince you that they are the most talented and the perfect one to fulfill your entertainment needs.


Personally, I refuse to draw attention to the fact that I have worked with such greats as: The Beach Boys, Ricky Nelson, Rich Little, The Oakridge Boys, Keith Urban and many others


Having performed with people like: Clay Walker, Jan and Dean, Jim Stafford, BJ Thomas and many, many others is unnecessary information and need not be considered.


What possible good would come from my bragging about the fact that I have been performing for more than twenty years at literally hundreds of functions, including (but not limited to) Conventions, Dinner Shows, Comedy Clubs, Colleges, State and County Fairs, Festivals, Ski Resorts, Cruise Ships and every other type of engagement you could possibly imagine! 


So let me not lose my dignity by patting myself on the back as so many others do. I will simply state honestly and modestly that, as your choice for entertainment I WILL MAKE YOU A HERO IN THE EYES OF YOUR FRIENDS, PEERS, PATRONS AND COUNTRYMEN!

Corporate Events
   Dinner Shows
      State Fairs
  Private Parties
   County Fairs
   Comedy Clubs


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